2,500 Years in the Making

At Spartan Dent Repair we’ve mastered the deadly art of PDR. Armed to the teeth with the best equipment for the job, our veteran technicians fight to the last breath to protect your car from foreign invaders: dents, dings, creases, hail, fender benders, and anything else that might want to harm the value of your ride. Finally, after years of tireless training we get to see the fruits of our labor, by returning your vehicle to its factory fresh glory!

Why Spartan Dent Repair?

See what sets us apart

A Variety of Skills

It doesn't matter if it's small, medium, large, or monstrous. We'll take care of dents and dings of all shapes and sizes.

Hail Repair

Hail can strike unexpectedly, ruining your car's look. But Spartans are ready for anything! Bring your car in for a total body renewal.

Love for the Job

Being a dent warrior isn't easy, but we fight for what we love. Nothing is better than seeing a face light up at the sight of their restored car.


Take a look at our work for yourself!