Common Types of Marietta Hail Damage Repair

Marietta Hail Damage Repair

Unfortunately, hail storms happen and can give vehicles dents galore. Thankfully, hail dent repair for your vehicle can be done right in Marietta. No matter the degree of the damage, there is a process that will work best for your car.

There are several methods of Marietta hail damage repair. The method used will be based on your vehicle’s needs. Generally, PDR is considered the safest repair method among techs and insurance providers; however, it does have it’s limits. Under severe circumstances it might be better to go straight to a body shop. Today, we’re here to help you answer the all important question of what repairs will work best for your vehicle!

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)

Technicians first use a light to cause the dents to create shadows and mark each dent. Then, working from the back of the panel, they use pressure to carefully remove dents.

  • Works best for small dents and dents that do not affect entire body panels
  • Is often used for small hail dents
  • No cost of paint or replacement car part
  • No need to alter your factory paint finish
  • Won’t show up on vehicle reports
  • Can be finished in less than an hour

Remove and Replace

Body panels or parts are removed from the vehicle and replaced with new ones.

  • Works best for car parts that have hinges and bolts (i.e., hood, trunk lid) and body panels that are beyond recovery
  • Is often used for larger hail dents
  • Can be less expensive than repairing a part, depending on the part and the damage
  • Is an option if PDR would be ineffective

Traditional Hail Damage Repairs

The dent is sanded down, its paint is feathered, and is filled with body filler. Then, the body filler is primed and painted to blend in with the rest of the vehicle.

  • Works for a variety of dent types
  • Can leave mismatched/splotchy paint
  • Often takes several days

If any of these stand out to you, speak with our Marietta hail damage repair experts about the hail repair process that piques your interest. He or she will be able to give you advice about whether it will work for your car. With the help of our Marietta hail damage repair technicians, your car is sure to look as good as it did before that nasty storm.

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