Is Marietta Hail Damage Covered By Insurance?

Weather conditions are always unpredictable. Severe storms do not only destroy houses but also your vehicles. Hail can cause unsightly dents to your car. Sometimes the cost of Marietta hail damage repair can be huge. Most especially if dents are found all over the vehicle. Fortunately, it is possible that Marietta hail damage can be covered by your insurance policy.

Know Your Coverage

If your insurance policy has liability only coverage, then it will not be able to cover your Marietta hail damage repair. Be sure to get a comprehensive coverage for your vehicle so your hail damage can be covered. You have to purchase it before a hailstorm will occur. If you failed to purchase a comprehensive coverage before the hailstorm occurs, then you will be responsible for paying all the Marietta hail damage repair.

When To Pay Your Deductible

The insurance company will inform you about your deductible amount upon purchasing your insurance policy. Most insurance companies will require a deductible amount for a comprehensive policy. However, you can also choose a zero deductible but you need to pay an additional cost for it. If your comprehensive insurance coverage includes a deductible amount, then you must pay your deductible first. Your insurance company will take care of the remaining cost of your Marietta hail damage repair. Regardless of how much your deductible amount is, the cost of your hail damage repair will probably be more than your deductible amount.

Fixing Hail Damage

If you require Marietta hail damage, then you can choose Spartan Dent Repair. Our expert technicians will use Paintless Dent Repair in repairing your hail damage. These PDR technicians will use special tools to access the dent from the inside. He will push the dent out so it can return back to its original shape. Your car can look new again without damaging the paint.

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